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Road Runr Maintenance University

Michigan’s Top Janitorial Training Program! RRM University is a complete Janitorial Training Program in Michigan, including our Learning Management System (LMS), utilized as our site-specific Employee Training Tool based on your service needs. We understand that Employee Training is necessary to achieve “Quality Work”, while Quality Assurance is necessary to achieve “Compliance” – that’s why we manage both aspects with our program.

Our Training Program & Learning Management System

The key success factor in our Training Program is that we have defined our service in a manner that is teachable, repeatable and can be consistently delivered. By embracing the right technology solutions for business growth, technology helps our company develop systems that years ago might have only be available to larger enterprises.

The expected outcomes are then translated into Job Cards with detailed instructions to complete the assigned task correctly and consistently.

Training is crucial to the success of the custodial function. In an industry where many of our employees come to us unskilled, training is a very high priority. Our comprehensive training program is designed to:

  • Ensure that all employees have the knowledge and skills needed to be successful
  • Develop skills necessary to accommodate changing technology
  • Improve the productivity of both individuals and work teams
  • Encourage involvement in programs of lifelong learning
  • Allow qualified employees to be promoted into supervisory and managerial positions within the organization
  • Promote standardization throughout the organization


To maximize learning and comprehension Road Runr employees move through a process of information, demonstration, participation, and reinforcement of proper techniques, philosophies, policies, and procedures. The process with industry specific made materials and media that show exactly what they will be doing at the jobsite and how to use, maintain, and order the supplies and equipment needed for their position.

In addition, the critical aspects of behavior and proper professional conduct are stressed and documented on both a general and location-specific basis. The next and ongoing step in the training process involves working side by side with a skilled supervisor at the customer site, using position job descriptions and job cards that are created and maintained specifically for each facility, along with the long-term experience and knowledge of the supervisor of the site.