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Janitorial Jobs in Southfield Michigan

If you are looking for the best janitorial jobs in Southfield Michigan, look no further. Road Runr Maintenance is the preferred company to work for in Southeast Michigan. We strive to create an invigorating and educational environment for our employees. Apply today!

We have janitorial positions open throughout All Of Southeastern Michigan!

Janitorial Jobs in Southfield Michigan

The Best Janitorial Jobs In Southfield Michigan

We consider our staff our most valuable asset, and training is one of the cornerstones of our success. It establishes the foundation for providing each customer the most professional staff available. Road Runr believes that the success of the company is dependent upon each-and-every employee.

Best Janitorial Company to Work For in Southfield Michigan

Our janitorial team is made up of some of the most innovative, energized, and focused people in the industry. We rely on the passion of our people to achieve success for our customers by caring for the physical environments in which people work, rest and play.
Being the best means that our team is made up of different kinds of people from front line cleaners to specialty project crews, supervisors, quality assurance specialists, managers, and customer relationship experts.

Training for Janitorial Jobs In Southfield Michigan

All employees, no matter their experience level, are exposed to our training programs. Training begins with an orientation. When a new employee is hired they are required to attend an orientation.  This reduces the anxiety a new employee may feel their first day on the job, it introduces the employee to basic operating procedures and provides a good first impression of our organization.  Orientation training consists of both main office orientation and job-site orientation in Southfield or other areas.

Local & Trusted Company

We’ve been going for over 45+ years, so there’s quite a lot to say about where we came from and what we’ve been up to. We’re not only one of Michigan’s largest building maintenance company, but we also like to think we’re the best.

Janitorial Service in Southfield Michigan

We offer our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are janitorial jobs with positions available on all shifts. We have the schedules that afford flexibility and balance in life.