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Green Business Philosophy

Road Runer Maintenance is an environmentally safe janitorial service.  We are committed to the purchase and use of effective cleaning products, equipment and methods that minimize harmful effects to our staff, clients, premises and the environment (“green”). We outline our commitment and guidelines as follows:

  • Use proportion-distribution controlled green chemicals
  • Provide adequate staff training regarding the use of green products, methods, and equipment
  • Use only high-efficiency vacuums (i.e. sub-micron, HEPA, CRI green label)
  • Avoid the use of aerosols, convenience packaging, and instead show preference for recyclable packaging
  • Promote recycling in our business and with those we do business
  • Use low-maintenance floor care programming and minimize stripping cycles with a focus on low VOCs
  • Maintain all equipment to ensure maximum efficiency, minimal chemical use, and maximum water lift/removal
  • Understand moisture management and report repeated sources of moisture, eliminate standing water and use a germicide in areas of cross-contamination
  • Continually source and implement innovative green products and methods

Increasingly environmentally-aware and safe, non-toxic working environments are important to both the consumers and employees alike. Road Runr understands the importance of this, not only as a responsibility to the environment and future generations, but also as an added service to our clients.

The RRM Green Cleaning Plan

Road Runr is very well versed in “green cleaning”. Road Runr has taken a leadership role within our industry to create effective, healthy and comprehensive green cleaning programs that not only meet Green Seal and Environmental criteria but do it in a way that enhances the quality of the cleaning and the health of the buildings being cleaned.


Staff and Training

The most important part of any program are the people that are expected to carry out the program. Regardless of the quality of the products or equipment being used without the right staff and the right training a green cleaning program will not work. Road Runr works closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to create clear, concise and comprehensive training programs.

These programs include:

  • Chemistry of Cleaning – understanding PH and the relationship to green cleaning
  • Chemical Safety – understanding SDS sheets
  • WHMIS Training
  • Product knowledge and application of knowledge
  • Cleaning for health and proper disinfecting
  • Maintenance of multiple floor surfaces
  • Proper use of dilution systems
  • Proper use of color coded microfiber mops and cloths to prevent cross contamination

They are taught using a combination of video, slideshows, classroom and hands on application techniques. Follow up training is offered monthly or quarterly depending on the needs of the building.

Green Products

The majority of the green cleaning products used by Road Runr are from the Spartan line of chemicals. Spartan is leading manufacturer of professional cleaning chemicals. Specifically, we use the Green Solutions line of products.

Dilution System

The Spartan green products are delivered through a wall mounted dilution system. This ensures that the cleaning staff have the right dilution ratios in their spray bottles, buckets and auto scrubbers every time. This coupled with the fact that these products are used in cold water practically eliminates chemical residue being left behind. The system is installed in one or more locked janitorial rooms and is monitored by the site manager. This means consistent cleaning every time with very little waste.


Road Runr uses Pro Team back pack and canister vacuums. They are CRI approved by the Carpet Industry and meet the requirements of the Green Label Program. They come with HEPA filters and are below the 70db benchmark for noise. ProTeam is a leader in the industry when it comes to educating people on the importance of indoor air quality and as such has a partnership with the American Lung Association to educate the public about indoor air quality, the first full-scale partnership of its kind between the American Lung Association and a vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

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